Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

I have been away from the blogosphere for quite a long time and I have always felt guilty about it during the period.

However, that is not to say that I haven’t been reading the valuable posts written by fellow bloggers and some others I have just got to know about.


Although no reason can justify why I have been absent in this magic medium as a writer, I can only say that some personal factors combined with vocational ones were responsible for my mind being adrift. So I am only able to ask those of you who have always been kind enough to show interest in my humble reflections for forgiveness for both not posting and my inability to dedicate as much attention as is deserved to your invaluable opinion.

Long story short, I am at last able to write this very post because I learnt an important lesson only a few minutes ago, and the way it makes me feel only obliges me to reflect again.

There is no adjective that can be used to describe my emotions at this moment, yet the closest one in meaning for the interpretation would be “EMBARRASSED”.

Yes, I am rather EMBARRASSED  and even really angry with myself.

Last week, a student asked me to spare only a few minutes for him to share a personal problem with me so that I could help him with one-hour of attendance problem he had. What I did was, instead, to tell him to go see a counselor and share his problem with him or her because I never gave that particular student much credit by assuming that he was simply uninterested in the lessons, and he was coming to school only to pass time.


Now I believe I should have listened to my student as the second teacher of the class was kind enough to explain the his situation to me. I cannot give details about the misery that my student has to confront, but I can say it is such a bad condition that nobody would ever like anyone to be in one like that.

The thing is we are never safe from evil, and we must be grateful for every second of peace we are fortunate enough to enjoy. Life does not treat people the same, and injustice really exists. I understand once more that our lives could be ruined by an unexpected event even though we might not be responsible for the undesired consequences.

I am more than thankful to my colleague for sharing the details with me. Otherwise, I would have never known that I was wrong and would have probably caused a man’s life to be more unbearable.

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

I honestly admit as of this moment that every student has a right of private talk with their teachers, and teachers must be ready to act accordingly. We are never only teachers but also guides to facilitate our students’ lives as well as their learning. So, we have no right to judge a book by its cover.


5 responses to “Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

  1. I started wondering where you had gone … Really glad to have you back. As for the bitter incident – Well, you learned, you grew, you got to level two ( if rhyme helps here) – don’t be too hard on yourself, rather say that you have moved forward. and the student, he’ll make it!
    Encouraging greetings from the Alps

    • I am glad to be back, too 🙂 And it is nicer to receive comments and likes from my fellow bloggers such as you 🙂 Many thanks for the attention and all the best from Turkey!

      iPhone’umdan gnderildi

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