Know Thyself

June 5th is a day like no other for thousands of Delta candidates across the world as it is the date for the Module 1 exam. I can imagine the excitement and uncertainty that the examinees already feel because I felt the same until this morning.

When I went to sleep last night, I had a firm belief that I would travel to Istanbul and sit the Module 1 exam. I thought I would be able to handle it somehow. I say “somehow” because I knew I had not been able to prepare for the exam as well as I had expected. Therefore, I thought I could get a pass with the help of chance.

When I woke up in the morning, I still had the same feeling. I was so ready for the challenge that I even wanted to give my notes a final look. Then I did some quiz practice on the ITI Moodle and I felt better.

However, the harsh reality began to dawn on me as I was looking through the exam practice tasks and the mock exams. I saw that I was ready only to some extent and definitely I was having a problem with coming up with the answers that would get most of the ticks from the graders.

Even if I tried to test myself with the strongest cup of coffee I ever made, the look of my possible rate of success was not any satisfying. I was beginning to lose my pseudo-confidence as well, and the inspirational quotes that I read as the last resort did not help much either.

When it was noon, I had already decided not to take the Module 1 exam. I admitted it was not the right decision to make, but I desperately needed a break. The reaction from my friends was not surprising when I announced to them my choice. They all asked many “Whys”, but I simply repeated my decision.

Although I can still get a bus to Istanbul and take the exam at 10 tomorrow morning, I will not do it.  I am well aware that I was able to study for only 3 or 4 weeks during a ten-week on line course. I must also say that I wanted badly to study more, but I just couldn’t for professional and personal reasons. I know that I will be hoping to have got a pass from the exam if I take it, and I might not feel great about it when I hear the score. As a result, I choose to punish myself before Cambridge punishes me for not being organized enough and failing to concentrate at times.

Those of you reading the lines may believe I am a fool or a coward, whereas I would say I am a realist. I know it very well that Delta is no walk in the park, thus deserving more than serious dedication from the candidate’s side. That being the case, I do not deserve to sit for an exam for which I could not do as I should have. It would only be a waste of time and effort for the graders.

Then is it the end of my aspiration to do Delta?

Well, it is certainly not. It is just that I will take the Module 1 exam in December, and I will give it the dedication it deserves. As of this moment, I can only hope that everything will go better, and I will be really ready for the exam. I have learnt my lesson, so it is now time to act accordingly.

Before I finish the post, I would like to thank all the great tutors at ITI for their attention and spectacular feedback on my assignments.




  1. Oh dear!

    I did a similar thing with module 3 last year. My mistake was then leaving it another year before picking it up again – don’t do what I did, make sure you do it in December! Use the energy you have now to start your preparation – 1-2 hours a week. The longer your course notes sit on the shelf, the harder they are to pick up. Have you done module 2 and 3? You could aim to at last 1 and 3 by December, meaning your progress won’t be slowed too much.

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