There is no great post to write or there will never be one.

Writing is a journey into the self, and that places any written work within personal confines.

However, there should be no doubt that every post composed is unique in its reflective quality, and it is what matters most.


The most beautiful thing about writing for such a big community of sharing educators is to know that I will receive feedback, whether positive or negative, and it will aid me further on the road to development.

I think it is a great blessing, for response from others gives more reasons for the act of writing which already comes from within.

What can be better than doing what you like most and being rewarded by guidance and inspiration from valuable minds?



2 responses to “WHAT IS A GREAT POST?

  1. I am not a writer. I have no idea what a great post is. But I know that whatever someone has to say, a need to engage in a dialogue, what he/she has to say is important.

    That is what I tell my students when someone in the class wants to say something, and others think it is stupid and not worth saying it. It may be stupid for others, not even interesting, but for the person it is not. I have been writing to myself lately, it is amazing though to have other educators read and comment. But writing as you said, it must come from within. You must have a need to write. To put the words out from your heart and soul. About a month ago, because I got back to class, my time online diminished considerably and I wanted to write and I thought I had no time for that and I was getting frustrated because blogging for an audience demmands a bit from you. Problem was that I thought that writing was about blogging. Then, I started writing and writing without worrying about who was going to read, just putting my words on the paper. I love typing and I am pretty fast typer so I favor writing on the computer, then, what I did was to start a private wiki and there I just pour out my feelings, ideas, reflections and I do that all the time.

    I love reading what is in your mind, experience and all! Have you started the Delta course?
    ♥ Warm hugs from Brazil!

    • Rose, you are so kind as to leave such a detailed and nice comment! I must say I am inspired by the practices you describe as examples. I am sure you inspire your students as well. Make sure I’ll think long and well about them all. As for DELTA, I have started the course 🙂 However, I feel it is not going to be easy because it is totally different from CELTA in that the expectations are sky high! I hope I’ll be doing my best and it will all pay off 🙂 Warm hugs from Turkey!

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