Back from holiday I sat at the computer and began reading the flow of news on Twitter. I have come across a lot of stuff and done a lot of re-tweeting as well as liking and adding to my favorites some really good links.

Then I decided to check out my own blog and read a number of entries by the bloggers I follow. I have shared them on Twitter and Linked-in, too.

Doing all that I have realized how much I have missed this entire social media thing.

After sharing some of precious posts as well, I grabbed a pen and began working on a new post.

Luckily I still have things to say and I can still do it when I put my mind to writing.

Long story short, the following is an account of what it means to me to reflect.

To reflect is:

1. To look in a mirror: I can see my real self and praise or criticize that person freely.

2. To travel in time: I can deconstruct the events and experiences, thus focusing on the strengths and pinpointing the mistakes.

3. To design a road map for future: I can develop an awareness of the truth of my self and I can highlight the areas in which I require change.

4. To better understand the vitality of knowing myself and acting accordingly: I realize that I must always continue professional development no matter how hard it might be at times.

To summarize briefly, I am a teacher of English and food for my soul is to learn. Only then I will be able to convince my students to learn.



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