A blogger’s job is REALLY hard.

First of all, it is a matter of great RESPONSIBILITY to blog. Once the path is taken, there is no turning back because the joy of sharing and getting ILLUMINATED by what others share spreads to the remotest cells in the body. Even at times when there is the struggle to run personal errands, the inside voice that keeps saying “I MUST write” is always there to remind of the responsibility to give people a good thing to show gratitude for the RESPECT and ADMIRATION they display for the work done.

Secondly, it is NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE to come up with a good idea to build into a post. When this happens, and it may happen quite often, a blogger can feel DEPRESSED. Personally speaking, I do not know many things as painful as fighting against my own brain to give life to some other new thing that will be worth sharing with those out there who are kind enough to welcome into their lives my reflections.

However, BLOGGING is one of the few things that I REALLY enjoy doing. I know I need it as much as I need food and water. It is for me a form of MENTAL EXERCISE that lifts my spirits as well.

For the past couple weeks, I have been rather busy coping with certain personal business matters, thus being unable to spare time for doing blog reading. There are no words I know of to describe how that made me feel when I was sort of disconnected from all the blog stuff. I can simply say “It SUCKS not to be a part of the world changing”.

I blog

Today, I feel different because I was lucky enough to spare about two hours to do some reading on the BLOGOSPHERE and get the INSPIRATION to blog and maintain my hopes for  better posts to share with the world.

And it is all thanks to the wonderful Personal Learning Network that I have. This very post is dedicated to all the bloggers out there writing and reflecting to change lives for better!



  1. Ah, I am starting to feel like that as the time to be online diminishes and I so agree with you in all the words said. Have you consider joining Facebook? You can get great feeds from Educators, read what they are reading and up to. This also helps us get in touch when we don’t have a lot of time to really sit and read blogposts. Maybe of course with anything that we chose to do there are the good and the bad which depends on each person.

    Thanks for the lovely post. It was really something that says a lot about what, I believe, all of us feel. Once you really start sharing, it is hard to go back for sure.

    • Rose, thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. It motivates me more to hear that the post is of relevance to your ideas as well. Great to have your support.

  2. I agree with both of you, Güven and Rose! On one hand, blogging, getting your thoughts out into the open, is a huge responsibility! Sometimes so huge, that it can even freeze us! Just thinking of all the people who would take their precious time to read our reflections can be quite daunting. But on the other hand, when we do take the time and make the effort to write, to understand our own thoughts and feelings better, we become better teachers, hopefully. So we share, we grow, we develop!
    I am very glad to be part of this big community now and it feels so empowering to belong! Plus, Güven, you were one of the first bloggers to tweet one of my posts and for a newbie this is such a motivating and encouraging thing! Thank you!

    • It is a great pleasure to have such a great comment from you! Your post are amazing to read and I always find them to share with everyone else. I am happy to have you as a fellow educator in this big community. Thanks again for the comment!

  3. I very much agree with you Guven and also Rose and swisssirja. I haven’t had any good ideas for a blog post lately, maybe because I haven’t taught much in the last 2 months due to school holidays. On the plus side I have had plenty of time to read, get inspiration & ideas from other people’s blogs. I agree Guven that it is “painful fighting against your own brain” and I think we shouldn’t feel any pressure to write posts as they are better when they come naturally rather than from a sense of obligation. Maybe blog posts are like buses – you wait ages for one then 3 come along at once! But when they do come I’m certain our wonderful PLN will still be there to give support and encouragement 🙂

    • Gemma, I am very happy to hear that you share the same thoughts as I do, and it is very good to know that I am not alone. I must also say that I certainly agree with you about the ideas coming 3 at once after waiting for long. It is always best to have them coming naturally as this is some serious job we are doing. Lastly, I am very lucky to have such great people as you kind enough to leave comments for my posts.

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