If you keep checking your watch and sigh “Oh, God… Still more to go…”

– It means that you are bored in your own lesson.

If you complain “Why on earth do they not listen to me?”

– It means that there is a good reason why you are bored in your own lesson, which is you ARE boring.

If you wonder “Why can’t they just understand it? I have been revising it for the third time”.


– It means that they can’t understand you, not English.

If you regret “I should have brought a book to read”.

– It means that you will check your watch many more times.

If you think “This activity just does not catch…”

– It means that you don’t know your students.

If you say “I miss home sweet home”.

– It means that it might be a good idea to think of planning a different career.


How do you respond to the question in the title?


11 responses to “Are You TEACHERS or TREACHERS?

  1. It is really interesting topic to discuss and to remind some teachers, so they can ask themselve in their heart, what do they exactly want as a teacher?. being a teacher is originally from self genunie desire to improve the world education and for the students who are really very happy to attend the school to study together. Please, for teachers, do the job heartily ,not because admirations, money, allowance, runaway, or persuasion. Accepting Small or big salary for a teacher is not too important, because you will have a great appreciation and a precious gift of God after. You also invest it for after.

  2. Another thoughtful and provocative post. It reminds me of a lecture from Madalena Freire about lesson planning. Have plan A, B and even better a C. We studied at that time Pichon-Riviere theory of group and was taught to pay attention to different roles each member of the group has and how the same pattern repeats itself over and over again. The leader of the group, in that case the teacher, worked to lessen affective filter and bring the group to change behavior. The leader do that by changing the roles of participants. Very interesting theory and also pichon defines the typical roles. Although I find the theory a bit complex to apply, it gives us some useful insights into group dynamics. There may be a lot of possibilities why I lesson/task doesn’t not work out, and the more we look, more we will find aways to change and criticize ourselves. Which is bad if not really followed by a plan of action. Then, for a long time I wondered what was Madalena really talking about. Sometimes to plan one lesson planning is time-consuming… imagine 3 possible ones?! Nowadays I think I understand it much better, it is about how to deal with the outcomes and deal with them. yeah, we can get bored with a class, but staying bored is an option we ought not to accept. Then, it is simple. It is boring! Change the course of it.

  3. i remember that you were always interesting and enthusiastic during lessons and i never got bored and i never thought you were boring.Lessons were really enjoying & delighting.:)i still think you are an inspiring teacher and there is nothing to worry about your teaching style or sth else. You are always perfect & interesting teacher.:)

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