One of the points I had asked my class to reflect on on the last day was about their expectations, the question being “What were your expectations at the start of the module and how well were they met?”.


Good news is that all the students who were present for the last assignment wrote that all was right, and their expectations were met.

Two of them even stated that they had had no expectations at all, but some began to emerge as the classes progressed, and that they were satisfied.

Honestly speaking, those two students wrote the words that made me happiest because it is amazing to find out that I was the one who gave them something to expect, and I managed to give them what they needed.

Here come the rest of the expectations that I was able to meet:

1) Teaching out of the book

2) Following a different order than in the book

3) Efficient and interesting lessons

4) Interaction

5) A lot of speaking and listening practice

6) A teacher easy to get on with

7) Love for the lessons

8) Positivity while teaching

9) Learning during the class time

10) English used for instruction

11) Challenging lessons

Anything is Possible

The answers suggest clearly that my lessons with that particular class were really different than those I had with some other classes. They indicate that I have made adjustments to my teaching and my process of transformation for the past 9 months is just going well.

That all means I can expect better work from myself and there is every reason to keep walking the talk.

Wish you all a happy new year!



  1. Keep up the great work Guven. it seems like we are taking similar roads. I just finished my first of a series of (second really if considered the previous one from other teachers on the subject) blogposts based on Student’s feeback series. Formating it to be published shortly. But not before mentioning that your posts on students’ being the real judges provided some food for thought. 🙂 tks!

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