No Pain No Gain!-Solid Like a Rock-Inspired by the Rocky Sequel


As a film buff, I have always loved “Rocky”, the sequel about an amateur boxer, who through perseverance, gets to be a professional and has his name on top of the list. It is a very special series of films for me because I usually find myself watching it again at times when I need inspiration.

Last night was no exception either, for I was struggling to come up with an idea to expand into a blog post. Being a nominee for the Edublog Awards 2012, I realize that I need to show to those of you who are kind enough to follow my blog that I really deserve the nomination. Therefore, I feel obliged to continue to write posts that will allow fellow educators to see a different tone of colour than others in my perspective.

My wish granted by the fairy of inspiration, I found myself uttering three words half way through the first film of the Rocky sequel.








As is no secret to anyone, Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is a boxer who struggles to survive by fighting in matches that do not promise a good income. What is more, he does not win all the fights, thus making less or no money at times. However, his life which seems stuck at the time takes a different turn when, one day, the circumstances lead him to challenge the greatest boxer of the day “Apollo Creed”.

From that point on, Rocky is seen to endure extensive training, both physically and mentally. Does he never fail during the process? Sure he does, but he is so DETERMINED to reach his goal that he does not give up. Instead, he chooses to learn from his failure and goes on ever stronger.

This proves Rocky to be a man of ultimate DEVOTION to what he wants to achieve. Every time he trains, he does it for longer in an attempt to perfect his skills.

While doing all that, Rocky is inspired by one thing only, his LOVE for the sport.

In the end, Rocky manages to survive the match of his life against Apollo in the first film, and he even beats him in the second one.

Impossible is Nothing

Throughout the series, the audience witnesses the rise of Rocky to the status of a legend, which still stands as an indisputably strong tale of success.

Although the Rocky sequel is a Hollywood production, it is very likely that such tales exist in real life as well. I humbly think that every individual on earth has the potential to make it to the top, and it is only a matter of three things:





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