My Nominations for the Edublog Awards!

As is the Edublog Awards in the corner, and a lot of fellow bloggers have been nominating names for some time, I think it is my duty as well.

The special thing about it is that I have got to know a lot good bloggers in such a short time-7 months-as a blogger. Although I should be nominating every person who has inspired me since I began blogging myself, I must cite only one person in the categories provided. That’s why I can only hope that all others that go unmentioned will not mind, and they will show understanding.

Long story short, here are my nominations!

Best Teacher blog:

Best New blog:

Best Ed-Tech blog:

Best individual blog:

Best individual tweeter: Tony Gurr

Influential post:

Social network:

Mobile app. :


3 responses to “My Nominations for the Edublog Awards!

  1. TY 4 the nomination – let me know how the traffic goes 🙂

    Hey, I noticed a couple of the links go to your AU-SFL Outlook page – you might want to to check them and resubmit the updated list on the Edublogs Award site 🙂


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