BLOGOsphere-The Magic Medium!

Teachers, even if they DO not always realize IT, love to share. Who can deny that they do NEVER exchange ideas with their colleagues about their lessons and students? The very reason WHY this happens is that teachers feel the need to learn and grow in order to ADAPT themselves to the changes THEY FACE IN A 21st CENTURY EDUworld.

However, is THE exchange of ideas with colleagues the only way teachers can move forward? The fact that many professionals across the world are already making use of social media to share and COLLABORATE is very strong evidence that the answer to the question above is “NO”.

In light of the growing popularity of social media among educators, there is no doubt it is a brilliant idea for every teacher to become a part of the BLOGOsphere. Blogging, in my opinion, is a journey into the inner-self, and the journey can prove far beyond anyone could imagine. At least, it has produced a lot of good results for me, and I would kindly like to share the top 5 with you:

1. SELF-EXPRESSION: This is the most important because there is nothing more beautiful than making your voice heard by others. It is good to know that there is a platform that will allow me to pass it on whether it is a complaint that I have or a solution to a problem.

2. SHARING: This very point can be considered a part of self-expression, but it actually makes self-expression more meaningful. Once I publicize my posts through Twitter, there are always those others who are kind enough to do the same through other means of communication, and that certainly feels I am a part of something that is greater than me.

3. PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK: Honestly speaking, I had never heard of the concept PLN before I started blogging. Now, I am a strong supporter of the trend because there is always something to learn from others, and blogging has tremendously expanded my own PLN, which I count as a blessing of the social media.

4. MAKING NEW FRIENDS: Although I may not have met in person many people I follow and those who follow me, I know that I am not alone in the world of reflections. It is due to extensive sharing that there is nothing wrong in calling them FRIENDS as they are there to help me overcome a challenge or adopt a different perspective at all times.

5. LOVE FOR TEACHING: New things I learn change me, thus I yearn for more change because I love this new me, and I can easily say I had never loved teaching as much as I do now. I no longer see it as a job that I do for a living, but it is an opportunity to let people love what they are learning.

Finally, I started blogging for myself, but I blog for a lot of other teachers now, and I want to thank Tony Gurr once more for encouraging me to walk the talk and reflect on my experiences.


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