The Tale of a Blogger

One special day I had the chance to attend a workshop on reflecting by Tony Gurr. The workshop was so effective that I grabbed a pen and began to write about one of the lessons I had taught the other day. Maybe I was not writing very well at first, but I was able to see the progress as I wrote.

Image from Langwitches Blog

It has been ten months since those early days of reflection, and now I share my reflections as blog posts. I must say it was not something I even dreamed of to start a blog and go public about my experiences. However, I was encouraged by Tony Gurr again, and at this very moment I am here writing these lines about my story.

When I first started blogging, only few people read my posts. That was discouraging to some extent, but I always said to myself that I needed to do that as a personal diary above all. Then I discovered the use of Twitter, and things began to change as I expanded my personal learning network.

Although I am still not a very popular figure in the E.L.T world as of today, I have about 200 followers and my blog is viewed by about 100 people daily. I even got more than 300 views one day. As I said before, it has all happened in such a short span of as ten months.

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All in all, I strongly believe that the word “reflection” is not only a word. It is certainly more than that, and it opens the doors into a world of new possibilities for those who embrace it as a philosophy to stick to as they practice their profession. There is nothing better than awareness of yourself and building on your strengths while transforming your weaknesses into new strengths by setting up your own personal learning network.

So how about starting a blog and reflecting on experiences today?


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