Evolution in Progress-An Institution is Transformed

Last summer, Anadolu University School of Foreign Languages adopted a new system to allow students to learn in a more student-centered environment, and a series of changes were introduced within this framework.

At first, there came a lot of criticism from teachers and students. They even protested out loud and demanded things be made as were before. It was obviously not easy for anyone to adapt to the change in progress.

However, time passed on, and everybody began to see through the fog. Most of those who reacted most severely now understand the real benefit of the modular system that the school manages. The good thing is that the change in people’s minds has become possible in just one year, and this fact promises better things for future implementations.

In this post, I’d like to share point by point the achievement attained at Anadolu University School of Foreign Languages to celebrate the first year anniversary of the brave attempt to transform.

On teachers’ side:

1. There is more responsibility taking for professional development.

2.  There is more co-operation among colleagues.

3.  There is more chance to contribute to decision making.

4. There is more motivation for teaching.

On students’ side:

5. There is more autonomy.

6. There is discovery.

7. There is interaction with peers.

8. There is more fun in classes.

9. There is a stronger sense of achievement.

10. There is more learning.

The ten points listed clearly indicate the intensive work done by everyone involved, and they also prove how things can be turned around with the right approach and determination.

Finally, I would like to say one more time that I am more than pleased to be a part of all the effort for transformation and evolution.


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