Diamonds in the Sky!

It has been a little more than year since I decided to re-shape myself as a teacher. In the past one year, I have adopted a new approach to teaching, and begun to view it as a world of opportunities for self-development rather than a job for a living. During the process up to now, I have come to realize a lot of things, thus trying harder to be a better teacher than I had thought I could ever be.

There is not a day that passes without me discovering a new thing about teaching, which I believe will make me realize more. I also believe that I will act and teach more professionally in order to set a good example for those who wish to transform themselves and reveal their full potential.

I confess that there are many more miles for me to walk before I can be a teacher like those I consider are great. I know it is not an easy task, but I have a road map to follow whenever I may feel lost, and I would like to share with you what I take as the qualities of great teachers, the diamonds in the sky,  in this post:

1. Great teachers INSPIRE: They are, above all, perfect models. They do not only teach lessons but also they teach the meaning of perseverance because giving up is unthinkable for them.

2. Great teachers GUIDE: They create opportunities for students to discover themselves, thus allowing them to be better learners. It would not be wrong to state that a great teacher is the North Star that always keeps students on the right track.

3. Great teachers FACILITATE: They propose different perspectives to look at problem areas. They encourage interaction among students and prove that impossible is nothing.

4. Great teachers MOTIVATE: They understand students’ needs and characteristics on individual basis. This way, they always find what is interesting for students and are aware of their worries. They are even therapists when necessary.

5. Great teachers LEARN: They share and reflect constantly. Everyone admires them because they keep building on their strengths and create new strengths out of the challenges faced. It should not be forgotten that great teachers follow and set trends for teaching effectively.

6. Great teachers ADAPT: Nobody can ever see great teachers complaining about changing conditions. Everything for them is an opportunity to learn from. They display an exemplary ability to transform.

7. Great teachers are CONFIDENT: They have an unshakable belief that they can make a difference, and they really do that.



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