CELTA Diaries-Day 13

The 13th day of the CELTA course was the day for the 6th TPs, which meant that the second stage of teaching practice was over and that we would have to put more work into our plans for the stage to come. So, the feedback session of the day was especially important, for the points touched upon were to be our guides through the most challenging TPs, those 7th and 8th.

To begin with, it turned out that it would be most beneficial never to assume that students know any one thing without clarifying meaning and checking understanding afterwards.

Next, it was emphasized once more that teaching pronunciation for even grammar lessons was crucial.

Thirdly, it was clarified that instruction giving was one of the trickiest points that a teacher needed to work on.

Moreover, it was reminded to teach any lexical item with the possible collocations that could be made out of them.

The fourth thing to take home for the day was to remember to contextualize the topic and start any lesson with an effective lead-in without keeping it unnecessarily long.

Finally, each of us understood that we should never give up taking notes of the emergent language so that we could deal with them for the last 5-10 minutes of the lesson following the final practice students have.

The overall lesson of the day was that no lesson would ever be effective enough unless it was well-planned and student-centered.


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