CELTA Diaries-Day 12

Language also exists in discourse, not only in grammar and lexis. This was the point of the session with Chia Suan Chong on the 12th day of the CELTA course. We studied mainly on the ways people utter sentences to ask for opinion, contradict what someone has just said, express sympathy, and for many other purposes.

Doing all that we had a chance to find out about how people of different cultures act, and how they might be interpreted by those of other cultures. It was in essence a kind of session designed to help us see the significance of knowing how to select what we teach considering the group dynamics that govern the interaction in class. To be clear, we were welcome by Chia into the world of endless possibilities of interpretation regarding even a simple utterance.

For I believe Chia will be giving more details about the magic realm of discourse analysis in E.L.T, I will not write very detail of the session with her. However, I would like to summarize it as we really need to inform our students of the cultural factors at play while teaching our lessons. Therefore, it would prove really effective if we taught students how to offer a turn or take a turn, ways of showing interest in what someone is saying and even how to start and finish conversations with people of different nations.

In short, things may not always sound as they in fact are and it is of utmost necessity to focus on that notion for the best interest of learners.

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