CELTA Diaries-Another Busy Week

Third week of the CELTA course is starting today. It is going to be another busy week because I have 4 TPs to do and an assignment to prepare. Also, I am going to observe one extra-professional teacher. All these are apart from the sessions I have to attend from 12:00 to 18:30 every day.

Do I complain? Of course, I am not complaining, but I must admit the program is rather intensive. Despite the hectic pace, I have managed to survive so far, and I have high hopes that I will survive through the rest as well.

In addition to the valuable knowledge about teaching, I have gained other equally valuable things from the process in two weeks. The first and the most important is discipline. That is in no way possible to procrastinate any responsibility or skip sessions. I have even kept myself in my room for the past two weekends to keep up with the pace.  Second thing is that I have learned to be flexible. That’s to say, I can study for the tasks and TPs in harmony. I cannot say I always have a chance to get a sound sleep or I can do everything before I go to bed, yet all can be done by changing habits.

Everyone planning to study for CELTA should keep in mind that it is as I have explained. Those who think may not take the pressure need not to give up though, because it is always possible to adapt to the process with the help of tutors, fellow teachers, and through perseverance. After all, it is an experience worth having.

Wish you all a great week!


3 responses to “CELTA Diaries-Another Busy Week

  1. I know that you are pretty busy with the assignments there:( but the outcomes will be great for you;) by the way there were some people who wants to be there too:((

  2. Dear Guven,

    Not only are you amazing at giving us insight into your CELTA training, but also at the way you encourage educators to pursue it in the future! I imagine your classes follow the same path – and imagine what it does for your students : )

    Awesome work,

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