CELTA Diaries-Assignments

I have been rather busy for the past three days, so I have had no chance to put together my thoughts and write a new post about points especially worth mentioning regarding the CELTA sessions. For that I beg your pardon. 

One of the reasons is that I have had to deal with two special assignments. That is not to say that the assignments are hard; they are only a little time-consuming. For the first assignment, we are expected to focus on a learner and analyze almost everything about his language learning experience. The areas include, for example, a student’s  reason/s for learning English, his/her preferred type of learning (visual, auditory, kinesthetic),  and certain points s/he has problems with.

The second assignment is about language analysis. We are given a set of sentences and the contexts each one is used in. What we need to do is to analyze those sentences in terms of meaning, form, and phonology so that we can develop effective strategies as to how they can be best taught to learners.

The assignments have been fun to prepare; yet they have consumed more time than I had foreseen. However, I must say that I have learnt a lot from them.  Firstly, I am better aware of how I should manage my time and look at a point from various perspectives. Also, it is clearer to me that I need to think and act faster without losing my organization and motivation. 

There is no doubt that studying for CELTA is a demanding process that makes you do a lot of things outside the classroom as well. It requires that those attending the course should first learn how to learn before they can ever teach. I have already had to change myself in several ways although I have been teaching for about ten years.

Do I complain? Definitely I do not. I love everything I have been through since I started the CELTA course, and I hope I will have added much more than I have ever imagined it may offer by the time the last session ends and it is time to return to my country.




2 responses to “CELTA Diaries-Assignments

  1. Guven, I haven’t had time to go through your posts before and am trying to do so now. What I really want to know is how do you find the time to reflect and write about it considering CELTA is such an intensive course! Thanks for sharing!

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