CELTA Diaries-More Tips for the Weekend

Here are more teaching tips for this weekend:

6) Be careful with the use of power point slides: Power point slides may seem like a good idea to enrich lessons, but they may prove inefficient at times. If teachers rely too much on slides, they may make the impression on students that they are presenting. That’s to say, using power point comes with the risk of making the lesson more teacher-centered than student-centered.

7) Ask students genuine questions in open-class discussions: Teachers sometimes have the tendency to only ask the questions that an activity requires. There is nothing wrong with that, but curiosity always elicits more from students because teachers look genuinely interested in the conversation going on when they behave curious. Therefore, it would be fantastic to expand any question into a friendly conversation and see the difference.

8) Remember to give feedback on content and structure following speaking activities: Most of the time teachers just elicit the answers from students, and they do not bother much on the form of answers. It is usually for sake of not discouraging students, yet it is also allowing them to go on with their mistakes. So, sparing time for correction by not intimidating students helps them become more confident for days to come.

9) Remember to include lexis or grammar for any lesson: Even if the main of a lesson may be speaking or listening, introduction of some language is always good for meat. It gives students a feeling of dealing with something more solid as some learners may consider vocabulary or grammar the most crucial element in language learning.

10) Contextualize: This point, in my opinion, is the most important in the list for this weekend. To start the lesson by setting an interesting context is a must no matter what the skill to be focused on may be. There will never be enough of interest from students’ side unless they are initiated into the topic of the day interactively.

Enjoy teaching and reflecting!


5 responses to “CELTA Diaries-More Tips for the Weekend

  1. Hi – I’ve just read through both parts of the series and I find it absolutely amazing (yes that very overused word I’m afraid). At all levels in fact. Starting with the act of enrolling in a CELTA course in your situation (I work at a University where everyone knows everything already :-O) and then actually keeping this up !
    Thanks a million, it’s really interesting to read 🙂

    • Hello Elizabeth, it’s nice to be reading such a kind comment. You have a reason when you say institutions are full of people who already know everything. However, nothing is as beautiful as the realization that there is always more to embrace in life.
      Thanks a billion, it is great to attract your attention 🙂

  2. Amazing … I’m from Brazil and in the beginning of the semester .Your posts are helping me to plan my classes.Congratulations !Hope I can have Chia suan Chong as my tutor.I would be very lucky !

    • Christine, it’s great to hear such kind remarks from a fellow teacher as you are! I’m glad you find the posts of use and enjoy reading. A million thanks for your interest!

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