CELTA Diaries-Day 2

Yesterday was the second day at International House London. I am happy to say that it was another great day. There was a lot of sharing, reflecting, and learning involved.

The first session of the day was about motivation. We dealt mainly with the sources of motivation and how we could intrinsically motivate learners. It was wonderful to see all trainees present coming up with splendid ideas regarding the issue. I felt really pleased, and it all encouraged me further to sustain the hope that we could really change people by adopting the appropriate attitude.

The second session was a bit tiring because we tried to get into heads of course book writers. That was no easy task to read through the lessons from different course books and analyze the pattern that each writer used while preparing the book. However, it was highly beneficial because we saw that we could make things more interesting, and it was always possible to add something of our own into any lesson plan.

The last session was the most interesting. We had our first encounter with the students whom we are going to teach for this week. The encounter was especially valuable because we each had a chance to teach our new students for 20 minutes. I must say it was an incredible experience for me because it was the first time I taught a multi-lingual class of students.

Although nobody in the classroom knew each other at all, everybody showed super enthusiasm for working together and exchanging ideas with each other about the points discussed during my presentation. Furthermore, they were really positive towards me, and they looked comfortable throughout the lesson. I think I can say I managed to establish rapport with them yet at the first time.

By the end of the day, I was happy and confident. I harbored optimism that I could really improve my teaching and transform myself as a language teacher further.

As I am writing these lines at this very moment, I am also excited about my first teaching practice because it is to be observed by the institution and, of course, my performance is to be evaluated. I say I am excited, but that shouldn’t mean I am nervous or scared. I have got my plan ready, and I hope I will pull it off. I will do more than my best to let things go as I expect, and I will prove effective to my students.

And I will certainly share it all with you tomorrow.


9 responses to “CELTA Diaries-Day 2

  1. thank you very much for that invaluable sharing. I hope to be in such an atmosphere,too. Im following your reflections day by day. Thanx a lot 🙂

  2. Hi Güven,
    I am so glad to follow your blog .I’ll be in London to do CELTA in January and I am so excited and anxious at the same time … Your blog will help me a lot .Thank you !

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