Why do I teach?-2

The second reason for me to love teaching is that I always have a chance to work in co-operation with my colleagues. This means for me a continuous process of progress because I can come to new realizations about what I do in my classes sharing with the other teachers. I can also help my colleagues to realize points about themselves, which makes sharing work both ways.

It is thanks to co-operation that I never have to repeat myself. I am able to devise new approaches to familiar cases and evolve constantly. As I do that, I get to enjoy teaching more every single day, and I believe more that teaching is the profession that best suits me.

In sum, the chance to share on frequent basis is another indispensable element that gives me inspiration for being a better teacher.


One response to “Why do I teach?-2

  1. Hi Guven!

    Great post – this is probably the only post I have seen lately that celebrates a love of teaching in combination with working with colleagues: a very important element.

    It is very important to be surrounded by co-operative and empathetic people in our workplace – I can’t imagine myself working well in isolation from other co-workers (of course, thankfully today we have social media which makes up for that tremendously). But still, going to the staff room every day, knowing that there are great people there ready to listen, talk and even have fun is a fantastic feeling!

    Bravo Guven!

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