A-Repeaters REFLECT!!!

Yesterday was the final lesson day with my A-Repeating students. So, I decided that it might be a good idea to ask them about their conceptions of the module we had spent together. As you all know, it has always been me to reflect on my experience regarding those students who have had to repeat A-Level for the third time.

My ambition, when the module kicked off, was to find out in details what had caused my new class of students to fail consecutively. With the goal in mind, I have put emphasis on dealing with them on a personal basis. I interviewed all of them at different times, and I frequently asked them of their expectations. Taking their responses as a departure point, I kept devising new ways of teaching. At the same time, I, myself, had to learn more to put my students on the right track and help them sustain themselves on it.

As I look back in time, I can say I have turned the class around, and I have a pretty strong evidence about my point of view. The first piece of evidence is that 18 students out 19 who regularly attended the lessons are now at a point of qualifying for B1.1 level if nothing goes wrong for them when they take the End of Module exam this friday. This means they have met the requisitions of the module and got grades good enough that they are able to take the final exam. The second piece of evidence is from the students themselves. Yesterday, I asked them to write about their experience throughout the module to compare my vision with that of theirs, and now I can see that I am not wrong about them or myself in terms of achieving the great goal of creating a difference.

Below you may read excerpts from the reflections of A-Repeaters who have shown that they will never let anybody consider them a bunch of losers.

“The motivating acts and words of my teacher have taught me that I should never quit” Sinem Uyar

“I have got the highest score for the mid-term, and I have improved a lot at grammar” Ilgın Küçükşekerci

“I believe this has been the most fruitful module among th others previously repeated in that we had an opportunity to self-express, and we have walked the way of progress” Tuğçe Karakuş

“I have learned new study techniques and realized that I had not studied effectively before. Also, I have understood the necessity of daily revision of lessons instead of studying for the exam weeks.” Eren Bazarkaya

“The good thing about this module is that our teacher has helped us to keep our motivation high. It is especially important because we, at the start, were hopeless because were to repeat the same level for the third time.” Merve Yetgin

“I have added to my knowledge of English in this module, and I have clearly improved my skills. I have begun to comprehend my teachers as they speak English, so I have grown to be more confident. Now, I can even understand movies in English more then before.” Deniz Sarıkaya

“This has been the most efficient process of learning compared with the previous modules. I wish we had had such a chance at the very beginning of our language learning experience.” Azize Gül Aydoğdu

“I have learned that students should first evaluate themselves before criticizing the system. When they change, thing will be better. Only after that, students can start worrying about the system.” Ali Şahin

“I think that the best and easiest way of learning English is to study at the School of Foreign Languages.” Özenç İlhan

“I have learned to consider repeating for the third time is another attempt to improve. I have begun to think more positively, and this has shown me that I can always do better. Our teacher has often told us WE CAN DO IT, and now it is my philosophy of life.” Çağatay Akçakaya

Seeing how my students think of me and their learning process at Anadolu University School of Foreign Languages, I must say that I am more confident as well. Also, I believe more than ever that there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so as Shakespeare had Hamlet speak.


2 responses to “A-Repeaters REFLECT!!!

  1. I appreciate the efforts you’ve been making Çağdaş!..
    I’m impressed by the comments of your students..

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