Beyond the Looking Glass-1

As I mentioned in my previous post as well, I had my second video observation with my A-Repeaters yesterday. Those of you who have already read the post know that stakes were higher for the second video recording. Although I didn’t want to admit that, I was rather worried before the challenge because the first recording had shown me that I needed to develop myself for putting the learners in the center. Another point I had discovered about three weeks ago was that I kind of acted like a star in the classroom, and this led to depriving students of the one chance they had to use English. In brief, the observation planned for yesterday was to reveal how much I had changed and let my students transform themselves. I must point out that I had been training my class in a different way since the first time I was recorded teaching, and yesterday was the time to see how well the new strategies had worked.


It all felt quiet right when the recording was over, and it was time to leave the classroom. Maybe it is a bit of exaggerating, but I really was exalted as I was headed to my office for a cup of coffee for relaxation. In my office, I sat at my table and began to think of what I had done this time compared with the past. Ideas in my head were positive because I was aware that I had involved the students more, and I had created for them opportunities to reflect and discover-these points were not a matter of discussion about three weeks ago. I also realized as I thought further that I had displayed more patience letting each individual enough time to produce. Moreover, it was my impression that I had acted more like a facilitator than a teacher.

The initial reflection certainly comforted me and I sort of believed that I had made progress since the last time. The next step would be watching the video and finding out more about the reality. I was sure there was plenty of stuff to take notes of and pay attention to for a detailed analysis of myself- I was curious if the initial reflection would match my reflection after watching the video.

As the evening arrived, I went home. I got my lap-top and began to see myself teaching. How was it? Did my reflection match the reality? Well, I will not write about that in this post. However, I can give a clue by saying that I did not get depressed when the video was over 🙂


5 responses to “Beyond the Looking Glass-1

  1. I remember the feeling and the thoughts.. :))
    I felt exactly the same after my observation and reflection sessions.. Looking forward to reading your reflection on the video..

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