The Saga Continues…

Today is THE day for my second video observation! How do I feel? Actually, I have no idea how I feel. It’s like I’m cool about that. But is it real? Still I can’t say anything. The only thing I am certain of is that I am in charge. It means the way I’ll be during the lesson is the way students will be. It, at least, is the idea I find comfort in for the challenge ahead.

And do I think I am ready? Well, it is hard to answer, but I am convinced that I’ve prepared a lesson plan, and I’ve gone over it a zillion of times. This observation is especially important for me because there were some serious errors committed when I did it the last time. That’s why I was at the peak of my awareness as I was preparing for today.

It is also important that I’ll be sharing the video of last time and that of today on my blog. I want to do it, for I believe I may learn further from those of you who have been kind enough to follow my posts. So, I can say I’m kind of impatient for the moment when I’ll either stand as a HERO or fall as a MARTYR. Yet, in any case, I’ll have walked another step forward in my endeavor to transform myself along with those I work with and my students undoubtedly.

Then I must say before I finish that I BELIEVE I’ll be OK. I know what I’m capable of, and I know how my students are. Nothing is easy, but it is in our hands to turn things around, thus doing our best to make things right. I have no doubt that I LOVE teaching and the challenges I willingly undertake are worth facing because everything for learners starts with TEACHERS.


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