Fortune Favors the Bold

Change doesn’t come easy. However, this doesn’t mean that people, especially teachers, have the right to give up when they can no longer take the pressure. What I believe is that pressure is there as a guide to lead us to a better future because it is thanks to pressure that we have to devise new ways of action and we need to reform our minds to enable ourselves to adopt a different vision.


This statement by the famous German philosopher clearly reveals the necessity to carry on despite all the hardship.I have always told myself since I first read it that life, as we know it, would lose meaning only if we were not in it. Giving up may look appealing, but it can never be the solution as it only gives temporary relief.

When I look ahead, I see I still have many more miles to walk, yet I know it does not show I am stuck, for I also realize how far I have come when I look back. Even if we may mostly focus on what we are not, the big picture is there to let us see what we can be and that should keep us on the track.

Finally, opportunities are not for everyone, they are for those who are determined to seize them, and there is no better way to put it than is expressed by a Latin proverb that all of us should remember at times of weakness:



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