Confidence is not an Illusion!

This statement is one of the wake-up calls I was blessed with when I was lost and unaware of my potential. Therefore, I am sharing it with everybody hoping to make the difference required for REVELATION. 

I humbly believe that failure is only a myth made up by those who worry about what they lack instead of focusing on what they are able to do. 



4 responses to “Confidence is not an Illusion!

  1. I believe I am confident and hard-working. However, the moment I fail to do something, I lose my confidence and I stop trying. I feel that I will keep failing and losing and I just cannot get rid of this irrational feeling until I have another achievement in my life. Nowadays I am reading David Burns’s book: Feeling Good and trying to cure this problem of mine along with pessimism and procrastination. It started to work for me 🙂

    • The best thing about you, that I can see reading your precious comment, is that you are well aware of yourself just as you are. You know what you have as well as what you lack and you also seek ways of getting yourself better at what you do. The book you mention is certainly wonderful, I myself had a chance to look through it for some time.

      As for your blog, it is one I try to read everyday because I always find something I can learn from on it. So, thank you again for being so open to the world about yourself, and I must say that is a big strength you have 🙂

      Thank you for being so kind as to leave a comment and share,


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