It’s Time to Reflect More

Dear all, I am posting this question just to encourage everyone to free themselves of all bonds and dream for a little while that anything in life is possible. Please do not hesitate to express your opinions and leave comments.



28 responses to “It’s Time to Reflect More

  1. The idea that I may fail in real life stops me thinking in this way.So I don’t think I can do. 🙂

  2. absolutely true, but sometimes impossible when everything depends on what you achieve or not in this world.

  3. What an interesting blogversation – to change or be changed. I prefer the more positive approach 🙂 Sure, life will beat us up – drop bombs on us – even wear us down (so we think we have had enough). But, we can CHOOSE how we respond to all these things (as well as all the great things that happen to us, too).

    When people say they cannot change, I think what they are saying is either “I do not want to” or “I do not know how to” – this is pretty common for all of us. The best advice I ever came across for this dilemma is – “be the change you want to see”. When start to work on “being”, some strange things start to happen – people notice, they comment, and we reflect more – engagement happens. We get a sense of an evolving “purpose” – sometimes we are never sure where this is going to take us. This is fine – ride the wave – least it’s our wave 🙂

    It’s that “purpose” that makes the difference – not the “change” – and it’s that purpose that gives us energy. And, you know what…it does not matter what that purpose is…helping others LEARN or SELLing simit 🙂 Ray Bradbury (we lost him a few days ago) once said – “DO what you love, LOVE what you do” – if you do not feeel this with what you are DOing today…change it! We ain’t got that many days on the planet…so, make as many of them as you can…MATTER 🙂


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