The Magic Secret

Yesterday I was chatting with a colleague of mine, and we found ourselves asking the one big question.

What do teachers need to teach more effectively?

There arose many answers as was expected, but none of them caught my attention as much as “Teachers need BELIEF”.

The very same word “BELIEF” kept echoing in my mind even while I was doing other bits and pieces at home. I asked myself how I could not have been the person to utter that magic word. Angry at myself, I began to brainstorm about the implications of believing. Honestly, I recalled a lot of things I had previously forgotten.

Assuming that there might be others sharing the same fate, I decided to share my notes with everybody else. I’m not saying I am an authority about NLP or Psychology, but I only hope I might reach out to somebody about to lose all belief in what they do.

In my humble opinion, believing will help all teachers:

To see a butterfly even in winter time,

To be content with the group of students that they have,

To make more efforts to reveal their real potential,

To discover new horizons and map out ways of reaching them,

And to embrace their profession and every possibility from within their hearts

Then what?

How will believing change teachers and help them change their students?

The answer from my perspective is very simple. Teachers will go into classroom with a big smile on their faces every single day, so they will not focus on the drawbacks of their students. Instead, they will grow aware of the strengths the learners have, and lay a foundation for them to flourish. When this happens, there will be less complaining, thus people will contribute to solutions more individually and everybody will be a part of a greater whole.


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