Observed with the A Repeaters

A couple of weeks ago, I was observed by my dear source of inspiration Tony Gurr again. This time the challenge was with my A Repeaters.

As you may guess, I was rather nervous because I wasn’t sure my class could react to it positively. I even had conspiracy theories in my head. I feared my students might choose to sabotage the lesson. The only thing I was confident about was Tony-I knew he would be doing a great job.

Yet, things went better than I expected. The students were real contributors. The lesson was smooth and there occurred no problems. It was jus a bit tiring as I had to put all my energy into the challenge.

When my ideas were confirmed by Tony, too, I began to feel finer about my performance. Tony told me that    I covered everything that was required and added I could have even done more. He meant that my students were ready for higher level of English-not only the simple one with 3-4 words of chunks. I was glad to hear that an outsider could also see the potential my class had.

However, Tony suggested I should also try to introduce SS-SS and SS-S interaction types as well in my lessons. He reminded me that students could get more autonomous only if we trusted them more. I must confess I had totally forgotten about such form of interaction for that specific day, but realizing that I could do it with my A Repeaters in the days to follow made me happy.

In short, there remains only one thing to say. I am more than happy to be walking in the new path I have chosen for myself and I feel I am getting to be better teacher as I share and reflect.


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