Confidence Regained

The best thing ı like about my class has turned out to be that they are flexible when I’m flexible. That means to me that if I don’t give up, they won’t give up.

In one of my previous entries, I wrote that it was like I was losing my students, but fortunately, I was wrong.  So, I apologize to all my readers for revealing some negative energy.

And how do I know that they are flexible? In my last class they were more sleepy than usual and showed less enthusiasm than ever. I was a bit discouraged, yet I kept smiling all the way through the lesson and asked them to answer certain daily questions and even showed them some slides from a presentation I had prepared to motivate learners.

In the second hour, they were all different. They made efforts to express themselves in English-not in half English. Moreover, they asked clever questions about the topic. All this made feel more optimistic about their progress.

Finally, I would like to express in all my honesty that I am lucky to have such students as my A Level Repeaters because every new day I spend with them teaches me another thing about the role of teachers as motivators and people of empathy. I believe my students and I will make the difference we are focused on.


2 responses to “Confidence Regained

  1. I have always found myself as a source of motivation for my students as I have the desire to teach. However, A level repeater class which I teach now made me question myself in terms of the success I have in motivating my students. I think I am not an effective teacher this term and it really makes me sad. I have my own principles in teaching which I think, or thought, have been working to teach for ten years but they all became useless three weeks ago when I started to teach A level repeaters. It’s not only my teaching principles I question but also my personality. I am not a patient person anymore 😦 I have difficulty in bearing with the blank eyes after telling the meaning of the same word for the fifth or the sixth time in only half an hour. After spending some time pondering this problem, I couldn’t come up with a solution yet but I hope in the very near future, I’ll write a new entry about how I regained my confidence to teach my students as you did.

    • Dear friend, I certainly understand your concern because I have been where you are as well and I must say the feeling really hurts. However, everything is better when you can smile and spread it to others:) I hope the very best for you and I believe you will find the motivation you need somewhere inside you.

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