Sun is Shining Bright!

My second come-together with my new class was more valuable for me than the first one. I needed to see how my students would be responding to my style after the initial encounter. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was able to observe a change in their attitude by the end of my first session with the class. My desire was to see where they were standing as a result of the good old first meeting.

When I walked in the classroom, I saw my students responding positively to my greeting and I took it as a good sign. Actually, I was ready to take any one bit of smile positively because I was to spend 6 hours with my class and I did not want anything to go wrong. I must also state that I had prepared myself for any problem to arise and I was determined to keep the students on my track.

During the first 10 minutes of the first hour, I still sensed that things were likely to get of my control because my students looked disturbed by their minds adrift. So, I felt the need to remind them why they were there and what we intended to achieve together in a soft tone. They understood my concern and I thought everything was ready for the great day ahead.

I started the lesson checking their understanding of the topics of the previous day with their second teacher. It certainly helped as I introduced T-S, S-S and SS-SS interaction and let them practice through speaking and writing. Doing this all took a lesson hour, but my students were ready for the second hour and I could tell this y their performance during the first hour.

From the second hour on, there was synergy and optimism in the classroom and my students did their best to participate in the lessons. One good thing was that they had grown to accept English as the language of classes and they were even making efforts to respond to me or ask me questions in English. Moreover, the class never disrespected their friends or me during any lesson and it was not difficult for me to keep their focus on the content.

By day’s end, my perception of my students had changed further. I comprehended that I was not wrong to consider them potential achievers instead of permanent losers. They had not even once betrayed my trust in them during 6 hours and were enthusiastic to take care of their own learning. All this gives me hope for the days to come and encourages me to create and sustain excellent class dynamics with my learners.


3 responses to “Sun is Shining Bright!

  1. I appreciate the effort you put in motivating our lower level students and being a model for the teachers with the same type of learners like me. Sometimes I spend the first fifteen minutes of my classes to make them be aware of the reason why they are learning English and the responsibility in this process. They accept it and try hard to learn at first, but if they see that they cannot do anything in English they give up. If the learners especially lower level ones don’t see what they can do with the language they lose their motivation day by day, so they must be involved in some projects which will help them produce an output. By this way, they will realize the need of learning the target language and feel “they are learning”.

    • It is great for me to hear such words of encouragement from you my dear friend. I must say your feedback is of utmost significance and I believe it will help me get myself better at teaching and sharing. Thank you very much.

  2. l appreciate you with all of my heart dear teacher. sometimes l ask myself ” have thıs unıv seen such a man?” you re the BEST forget about the rest ;))

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